I used the instructions at top of this page on my C and all numbers reset as it said they would. Then replace the plate. You simply have to put that cable on its correct position. I checked all the contacts. It will print faded in areas that are heavily printed on the sheet. My OKI is printing magenta where yellow should be and yellow where magenta should be?

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Have you cleaned out the “waste” toner from the toner cartridge? Would oki c5150 printer ruin it? Related Topics oki 5 oki printer online turn oki printer online cd oki loading screen oki initializing.

Perhaps you will be disappointed when you realize oki c5150 printer cannot reset the as with the others. On the display, after I changed the Black toner, appear this message”Service call – I’m just trying to deal with Fatal Error on an Oki right now. My fuser is at okki, so changed the fuser life value instead. I got all of the paper out by using tweezers, but in doing so, the black “grate” broke off.


Service Manuals

How You Can Help. When i print in full color everything prints except black. So would a lot of people. Some muppet is selling this info on ebay. Oki c5150 printer drums are rated at 20, pages, oki c5150 printer if you look after them they should last two or three times longer than that. Fuser Kit V, B only. I use an oki c daily and this was a tremendous help c51500 me.

If so, rotate your document in your program so it prints upside down, printing the photo on the right instead oki c5150 printer c51150. Our c550 desk guy did a little research and thought that the drum needed to be oki c5150 printer. Any suggestions are welcome. I cannot find step 5 then step 6 listed below from a previous thread to fix the toner sensor error.

I had to be careful because there’s a metal rod on the new toner side, that seems to stir up the toner. Reclose hole with duct tape. Is there a way to reset the printer to “think” the cartridge is full?

I did this reset and immediately after my printer started to make a terrible clanking noise and not it will not feed paper. Be careful when doing this to keep light exposure to the imaging drum oki c5150 printer a minimum. Looks like I need to get a new one. Check our USB cable.

I am using a Oki-bdn printer it okj a error msg that reads Service Call At least it will give you an idea where to look for the excess toner that’s making the streak. An “ID” unit is an imaging drum. Does anyone know what’s wrong with it? Thank you so much for the step by oki c5150 printer, “user friendly”, instructions! After I was finished oki c5150 printer around, I just snapped it back together.

The machine will reboot and the error message will be cleared. Do you remember if you have done any firmware updates resently?

Oki error codes

My printer is a CN. Fuser V, B, Rpinter, B Oki c5150 printer started with everything in the machine OEM. I feel we should all know how to ooi one over on these little Nippon technosadists. I appreciate the help! Toner Cartridge, Black, 5K. Instead the printer literally counts every individual toner dot applied to each page to estimate how much toner remains in the cartridge.

I’ve been reading for hours to find out why an Ilumina can print heavier stock than an Okidata oki c5150 printer they seem to be essentially the same machine.

It will also remind you weeks later that you have already reset the toner. Has anyone been successful in replacing a worn or damaged drum??? So oki c5150 printer, I don’t have many answers, except that it seems the non-glossy toner is more readily available than the glossy.

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Due to this fact, the toner oki c5150 printer not be re-used. If you currently have a error message for drum life, it will continue to appear, but you will still be able to print.

If the springs appear bent or dis-lodged reseat them. The fuse, as stated before, is placed ooi the right arm of the drum unit.