The old not working card is gone back to Dell. I think Laptop Freak also mentioned this earlier. My first reaction after unwrapping the M65 was that it should perfectly meet my computing needs and desires. So, I finally got my laptop repaired. Does the video driver crash when you call a specific API one too many times? Conclusion The Precision M65 offers an excellent combination of workstation performance including OpenGL compliance , solid build and businesslike appearance, in a

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I have the same problem on the same laptop and am wanting more information from Santiago about how he got Dell to replace the parts with an expired warrenty. A WUXGA option was, and is, available in the e, but I knew without a doubt that this would be too high a resolution for me. It was refreshing to forge right ahead with software dell precision m90 nvidia quadro fx 2500m rather than first having to remove a lot of garbage.

Right side of Dell Precision Nvidiq view large image.

Tabitha Albrecht June 30, When I tried to turn it on I got sets of 4 dotted vertical lines all over the screen, not on the Dell logo.

If you see the same green vertical lines on the external monitor, most likely you have a problem with the video card. If not, is it possible to download a generic driver that at least gives you external display support? This was a hardware fault in dell precision m90 nvidia quadro fx 2500m case and nothing I could do nvidja software would fix it.

Clients laptop is back up and running. But then the computer just hangs and sits there.

Rob Stevens February 27, At one point there was a little confusion regarding return shipping of the original order, but that was fairly minor and easily sorted out. This was when I learned about the manufacturing defect as well as a free sloution.

Test your laptop with an external monitor. Is there any way you can put me in touch with him?

Dell starts with green vertical lines through all LCD | Ask Laptop Freak

Santiago December 5, I also found that the upgraded card with mb fit right in place with a very minor trimming in the case. Tried to solder it back on, but my cheap soldering-iron wouldnt do the job. What do I do?

Could this be related to the LCD screen? Laptop Freak November 28, It might also be worth adding that I sent photos of the damage right away, as a follow-up to an initial email, and tried to be careful to reply only to those emails that actually invited replies. All in all, a very quafro screen, preferable by a significant margin, I find, to the LCD monitor attached to my desktop computer at work.

The dell precision m90 nvidia quadro fx 2500m appeared when I powered on the laptop… but after reinstalling the NVidia drivers — the green lines did not appear on start up, and prceision laptop is running again at full resolution. I got some ideas.

Dell Precision M65 Review (pics, specs)

Brett May 11, There were a couple of pre-installed multimedia programs, but since I kind of wanted them anyway, just as I wanted the Adobe Reader, I neither removed them nor classified them as junk. Laptop Freak February 24, The consumer-class, multimedia-oriented e had a 2. The 3DMark05 scores are plenty for me, but would probably disappoint serious gamers: Just curious to dell precision m90 nvidia quadro fx 2500m if we all have one thing in common: For me it recommended: I called Dell, and even though warranty had expired, they replaced de video chipset, and the RAM, and now everything is working just fine.

It was fine until relatively recently, around the same time my hard drive seemed to lose connection and required a re-imaging to repair.

GeForce Release for Notebooks Version: Fabio April 22, To be true to a spirit of full disclosure here, I should also admit that a large factor in the decision to go with the M65 was my prior use of a ThinkPad T40, which I really loved. Click the English button. In fact, I just had it out about an hour ago.

Dell starts with green vertical lines through all LCD

While I was working on the dell precision m90 nvidia quadro fx 2500m the screen just went black. Sharon Laptop Mom December 30, Most of this review, at least where general usage and benchmarks are concerned, is based delll the original notebook, which performed flawlessly, chassis imperfections notwithstanding.

If the same problem appears on the external video, you have a faulty video card. This thread was super helpful.