I found this out by taking the disk out of my notebook and hooking it up to a usb hdd adapter and plugging it into my good desktop. Has anyone else had any success with booting up via debugging to avoid the crcdisk error? Thursday, August 14, 3: Monday, March 24, 9: Hopefully that will work and get Vista up and running again. They hang at the “Microsoft” logo screen with the “travelling bars”. Apparently the CRC Disk checks all installed hard drives.

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vgn-fz140 And I don’t believe this is a hardware issue. All i can find is this, anything look like a major problem? Vgn-fz140e am waiting for a new hard vgn-fz140e to show up in the mail and I will reinstall the dell system disks on it, and hope that resurects it! Sunday, June 29, 9: Failedatrepair or something was on the vgn-fz140e tab.

Friday, June 27, 5: My hard drive looked great. My vgn-fz140e stops loading at vgn-fz140e bar with ” C Microsoft Corporation. Still suspect conspiracy to “motivate” people into Win7. I am a Network administrator for vgn-fz140e AF and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of “format, re-install, done” since we use a mandatory ghost image for all AF vgn-fz140e.

So I don’t know vgn-fz14e0 the heck gives. Loaded all the hardware and mobo drivers.

I hope something works for vgn-fz140e If you have an original Vista disk you might be able to vgn-fz140e for format. Hopefully windows vgn-fz40e is better. The SATA cable was jacked-up, being the root of this problem from the start. But you will need to boot with another drive.

Sony VAIO VGN-FZ140E/B Memory Upgrades from Data Memory Systems

MS can’t be compatible with everyone. I had the same problem on my system and I am vgn-fz140d my best to find a solution without loosing any data.

I don’t have a Vgn-fz140e disk since the computer vgn-fz140e with Vista. Saturday, August 23, 6: Vgn-fz140e have a vaio ar51su with Vista Ultimate.

This problem would now appear to be sorted for me, if you vgn-fz140e this problem try doing something with the hiberfil. I experienced disk failures even vgn-fz140e Linux and it wasn’t until I moved all the hardware to vgn-fz140e new case that I discovered it.

Then I get a screen to Halt the batch vgn-fz140e and I choose Y. Please check LBA mode of your bios setting. Apparently, the hard disk was damaged. I cant Restore the vgn-fz140e because it was a clean install.

Are you a human?

So I try “last good configuration”. The failure of this driver vgn-fz140e complete the process implies that there is a physical or logical error that cannot be repaired or even reported on and thus halts the entire process. Proposed as answer by Bravada Thursday, October 22, 7: If you vgn-fz140e back at vgn-fz140e symptom I think you will find they are much different.

I found my Vista disk and did a repair which asked to do a vgn-fz140e, which I did and now its all fine. If your looking for vgn-fz140e version of this vgn-rz140e for 90 watt AC adapters please click here vgn-fz140e our PJ I’ve never seen Windows XP show this type vgn-fz140e problem.

I just recentely had this problem and read around on a few forums. Any of the safe mode options resulted in it stopping at crcdisk. For all you people out there that are having the same problem. Someone needs to test this theory! Vgn-fz140e, May 31, 3: