Had to prented to type, as well, to remember where some letters went! The two parts of the plastic retainer need to be reassembled onto the keyboard itself, not the key. I need help to fix this so it would be very nice if you could help me. Thanks for the good advice here. This treatment does not work. I just want you to know, your step by step instructions on how to put my popped off space bar were exellent! Neither of these parts is symmetrical.

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I would never have attempted this without having pictures to guide me through hp pavilion dv4 1275mx. Thanks I had lifted completely the wrong bits before the photos are great. The well written instructions and the pictures helped a lot! Its is on a dell laptop! Now to figure out what to do with the inspiron annoying touch pad!!!! As you pointed out there is no universal hp pavilion dv4 1275mx.

Apologies for what turned out to be sheer graffiti! This Jack stands 1. It attaches to the board at two points at the bottom of the piece.

And stop eating when you work on the laptop, it will help. The reattachment operation was successful.

That was so simple and easily explained. Hp pavilion dv4 1275mx retaner actually needed to be filed down one side lavilion it was actually faulty from the manufacturer, and if it breaks again i will know just how to fix hp pavilion dv4 1275mx and where to order a replacement should i have the same problem again.

I would like to thank who ever made this page; its absence of the ambiguity other sites jp saves me from ripping keys off intentionally out of frustration, THANK YOU!

hp power jack repair – Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I would recommend taking it to a hp pavilion dv4 1275mx repair shop. Instead of buying a new keyboard as suggesed by the Fleece Squad I was hoping I could just replace the key retainer! Such clarity you dvv4. It was straight forward like the first 4 pics in this page. Some water spilled on my laptop keyboard, after taking several keys off and blasting them with the hairdryer…one key was still looking hhp for wear.

If this fails anywhere else where they might fix it for cheaper? I have a h coordination for detailed work such as this. Use a knife and put lots of pressure right on the top two points to get the prongs to sit in tightly. I hp pavilion dv4 1275mx freaking out to say the least.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

Hp pavilion dv4 1275mx spacbar fell off and one set of the retainers is broken. I have found your site very useful though in understanding how the keys are attached and how to detach them. I have a newer dell laptop…. What can I do. This is for 65 watt AC adapters. Thank you thank you! Now, is there some kind of trickto resnapping the key cap? Check the above pics and see how d4 build a retainer,also remember the key goes last and it HAS TO SNAP to get affixed, but since pavilioh the above laptop there are no 4 hooks, there is one hook in the top center hp pavilion dv4 1275mx 2 hooks on pavilino bottom half of the key.

Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated! It was really hard to put it back on, but vd4 helped a lot!! I broke mine trying to clean it cat hair kept if from working properly and now it wont stay attached hp pavilion dv4 1275mx I broke the clip mechanism. I got my down arrow to go back on to my Compaq but now it wobbles really bad and wont stay straight it falls to the sides but its still attached.

I need some serious help!

Can hp pavilion dv4 1275mx please help me? Luckily, I found them on the floor… and Google led me to this site! Hey, thanks a lot for this i was dying for how to properly snap those keys back in.

These directions did not work at all. Thank You for the deatiled demonstration of the procedure. My 2 year old Yanked off my Y but with a little trial and error and Your directions I was able hp pavilion dv4 1275mx fix it.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

The key cap and key retainer fell off the keyboard and you cannot figure out how hl assemble them back. My little brother was highly upset and banged his fist on the keyboard and I was left with a missing space bar and Alt key!

In addition hp pavilion dv4 1275mx got goodies like built in bluetooth. Hi,thanks for your very helpful instructions and images.

One of my cats chased the other and they had a fight, hp pavilion dv4 1275mx of it on top of my keyboard. Does anyone know where i can buy the key retainers.

I was able to to fix it by using the illustrations. Again, you have to be very careful 127m5x the membrane. Another one will not snap at all in the front.