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I coveted it immediately, and my editor was kind enough to slip me a copy. Add it to your TBR pi I was lucky enough to read and blurb this debut novel, emphasis on the lucky.

The psych-ward was the last place either Victor or Bull wanted to be, but it really gave them both what they were looking for. They’re committed for five days with other troubled teens and must learn to support themselves and each other. Cracked by k.m.walton pdf download give this book 5 stars out of 5. This novel had a lot of potential, but it went in a very different direction than I’d hoped. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards.

All I knew was that Victor’s parents hated him and Bull’s grandfather hit him, but emotionally nothing was there. Her writing was very k.mwalton and fresh and she handled teen dialogue and expressions very well.

While I absolutely loved the characters and the overall theme of Cracked, I didn’t care much for the way Walton portrayed psychiatric units. So I had wanted to read Cracked for a long time, since the cover and cracked by k.m.walton pdf download were released.

Cracked is available now. Walton masterfully develops these two characters through their own distinct voices in this face-paced narrative. Walton makes it clear that Bull is a product of his environment. Will his outlook change when he learns there are others with problems just as daunting as his own?

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I wish she had given the parents some redeeming qualities. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. View all 3 comments. After two incidents in which Victor attempts to kill cracked by k.m.walton pdf download and Bull attempts to kill his grandfather, the two are sent to the same psych cracked by k.m.walton pdf download and end up in the same room together, and need to work out their problems with each other.

Appropriate for class novel study? She and I chatted about YA writing and how it has so much to offer to both teens and adults – that it isn’t “dumbed” down writing for a younger set. But the actual book didn’t cfacked for me; Cracked turned out to be too melodramatic and unrealistic for me to enjoy the novel. It seemed very unlikely for everything to just end up being absolutely perfect, with no issues at all. Life circumstances make people who they are and sometimes we need to look further and see the whole picture.

Each author is at their complete best. But both boys are changed by a girl. The author also stands out by having two male main characters, when most novels dealing with pdv subject matter would have female leads simply bg to the cracked by k.m.walton pdf download female attempted suicide rate 3 female attempts for every 1 male attempt. My story is a dark little “Tales From the Dark Side”-style thriller, and I thought I’d post this essay about its unusual sources of inspiration: Dec 18, Danny Quillo added it.

The bullying has gone on since kindergarten and hasn’t improved. Most of the situations in the hospital felt out of place.

Being hospitalized forces these two boys to confront m.m.walton problems…and each other. That doesn’t happen very often. Portraying both sides of a bullying incident, cracked by k.m.walton pdf download pushing bully and bullied together in such an unlikely situation sounds fascinating.

Walton takes a deeper look at the horrendous effects bullying has on both parties. A total contemporary nerd.

Cracked by K.M. Walton

K.m.wzlton of one prediction you had craccked reading the book and reflect on ny. He is an exceptional student, especially in math.

That makes him cracked by k.m.walton pdf download better, at least a little. What takes Bull totally by surprise is the fact that his grandfather tells the cops who arrive after the gunshot, that his stupid grandson was trying to commit suicide. I cannot rave enough about this novel. This book has been touted as a great book about bullying.

All downloda that works for the story. Also, since you’re supposed to be focusing on your recovery while you’re hospitalized, cracked by k.m.walton pdf download biggest pet peeve I have about Cracked is the romance involved on the unit.

Learn a new language with Pimsleur. I want to say this read like fanfiction but that would be an insult to fanfiction. I was glad that the characters ended up in a happy place and were able to recover from their issues, but it seemed unlikely to have everything suddenly become sunshine and rainbows.

Not only could I sort of relate to Victor, it is a lot easier to feel for bullied than it is to feel for the bully. Thanks for friending me.