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Contaminated vehicle speed sensor remove sensor and clean off metal particles. Clean around spark plug base and remove spark plugs. Piston hnicorn badly worn or broken.

Brake fluid leak when under pressure. Damaged wire or loose connection at battery terminals, ignition coil or ECM connector. Restricted high-pressure feed hose to oil filter housing. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, perform a cylinder leakage test on the front cylinder.

The result is that the rotational force of the clutch shell is no longer fully transmitted through the “unlocked” clutch plates to the clutch hub. Worn oil pump gerotor s. Friction plates or steel plates worn, warped or dragging.

Primary chain badly misaligned or too tight. The pressure plate then presses the clutch ownerz together causing the plates to honda unicorn owners manual pdf download as a single unit. Check Prior to Cylinder Head Removal. Faulty hydraulic lifter s. Shifter return spring inside primary chaincase bent or broken.

Primary chain badly worn or links tight as a result of insufficient lubrication or misalignment. Note gauge readings at the end of the first and last compression strokes. Check After Cylinder Head Removal. After completing the compression test s and reinstalling the spark plugs, make sure the throttle plate is in the closed position before starting the engine.

Honda unicorn owners manual pdf download Train Noise 1.

Gasket surface of both head and cylinder. The owner is a wet, multiple-disc clutch with steel plates and fiber friction plates stacked alternately in the clutch shell.

Owner’s Manuals

Jiffy stand down and transmission in gear. Jumps Out Of Gear 1. Faulty low oil pressure switch. Sticking or damaged valve s or wrong length push rod s. Air leak at intake manifold or air cleaner.

DOWNLOAD Honda Motorcycle Service Manuals & Owner’s Manual

Damaged wire or loose wire connection at ignition coil, battery or ECM connector. Lubricant level too high in primary chaincase. Replace clutch steel plates. Isolators worn or isolator bolts loose or broken.

Bent push rod s. Heavy front end loading.

Valve guide to valve stem clearance. Motorcycle in gear and clutch not pulled in.

Honda Unicorn Manual Pdf

Tire and wheel unbalanced. Valve sticking in guide. Run engine until it reaches normal operating temperature.

Honda Motorcycle Troubleshooting Searches: Irregular or peaked front tire tread wear.