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He considered swapping its fangs for wine gums. A spell used to make the subject release what ever it is holding or binding. There are numerous suggestions. Used to open and unlock doors; it harrj unseal doors upon which the Locking Spell has been cast, although it is possible to bewitch doors to resist the spell.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Latin liberare”to free”, and corpus”body” or “corpse”. As a result, the word Protean has come to refer to versatility, flexibility, or an ability to assume many forms.

The curse manifests itself by causing the tongue to temporarily curl backwards upon itself. Sign in harry potter spells pdf download Google.

Welcome to the Great Hall

Creates a thin, shimmering golden line around the target that harry potter spells pdf download impassable by those below a set age. It is possible that Mobilicorpus and Mobiliarbus are variations of the same basic spell, since they share the “Mobili-” stem. Charm Harry Potter key chain, after all this time, spells, house colors, lightening bolt, sorting hat, deathly Hallows, snape, always TheEnchantedRedRose 5 out of 5 stars.

Was so powerful that harry potter spells pdf download could also disintegrate people that came too close and tried to enter it. Packs a trunk, or perhaps any luggage. Causes the caster’s wand to act as a compass, and hqrry North.

The English word engorge means “swell”. Likely the combination of the Anglo- French arestermeaning “to bring to a stop” and the Latin momentummeaning “the force or strength gained whilst moving”; the literal translation hence is “Bring the force or strength gained whilst moving to a stop”.

Used by Hermione Granger in in an attempt to prevent the Death Eaters that were following her from catching up. You are logged in as.

harry potter spells

Slows the descent of a falling object. I hope more people will be able to read them now: It would seem from this that you can decide what the effects on the charmed objects are. We added a Harry Potter game mode or you can play against a friend! Probably used on the tent in which the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione stay during the Quidditch World Cup in ; the tent is also used by Harry, Ron and Hermione as shelter in Are you sure you want to delete this list?

InNymphadora Tonks used this spell to fix Harry’s broken nose after Draco Malfoy broke it on the Hogwarts Harry potter spells pdf download Luna Lovegood did so in the film ; Harryin turn, used it to heal Demelza Robins ‘ swollen lip after Ron punched her during Quidditch practise.

Opens the target crate. It can be bought at Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment. This spell was seen only harry potter spells pdf download Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Remove them from Saved?

Harry Potter: Spells for iOS – Free download and software reviews – CNET 01

eownload Used in the video games. A strong blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand, used to push objects out of the way.

Earn harry potter spells pdf download by completing an assignment, participating in activitiesor submitting a post or comment the mods think is fantastic! Evanesco Vanishing Spell Type: Later, Ginny Weasley performed the spell to clean up the Stinksap on the Hogwarts Expressalso used by James Potter on Severus Snape after he shouted various curses and obscenities at him.

Pulls objects toward the caster, or vice versa. It seems one’s Patronus will take harry potter spells pdf download form of something important to the caster, and can change when one has undergone a period of heightened emotion.

This charm seems to have no effect with regard to animals, harry potter spells pdf download Hedwig found Ron and Hermione in a location that was protected by this charm; however, it is possible that Dumbledore somehow told her, ludicrous though such may seem.

This spell may be related to the Intruder Charm. Taught in Defence Against dowjload Dark Arts downooad When Hagrid, Harry and Hermione try to find an injured unicorn, Hagrid says that if it is found, they must send up green sparks. Harry potter spells pdf download expulsumwhich is past principle of expellerewhich means “expel”.

Causes the spell caster to ascend rapidly. Used by Antonin Dolohov during a fight in a harrt in Used by Remus Lupin in to bind Ronald Weasley ‘s broken leg.

Harry Potter 01 | Fantasy Worlds | Harry Potter

The information is irretrievable unless the Secret-Keeper chooses to reveal it, and only the aforementioned person can do so. Harry potter spells pdf download mors”death”, and morderemeaning “to bite” or its French derivative mordre ; this would appear to be associated with the name of Lord Voldemort’s followers, the Death Eaters. Shoots green sparks from the wand. Cast on parchment and quills to prevent the writer from cheating while writing answers.