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It is important to understand the certification process from registering, applying, reviewing, to certification.

While there are other programs for certifying sustainable buildings, LEED is the most widely used program in the United States and many other countries around the world. This accreditation demonstrates that a person understands the basic concepts of green building and can apply those concepts to their work in the design and construction fields. Make sure you understand the various terms in the guide so you are fluent in the sustainable language.

This guide leads you through the minimum program requirements to qualify for LEED certification, which are tested.

Free to download Covers basic guidelines about the exam. Then, take another practice exam, review all the questions, etc. Other practice exams were too hard.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but you should understand the fees associated with LEED certification — when they are due and how they are calculated.

[Download] Green Building and LEED Core Concepts Guide# [PDF] Online – Video Dailymotion

Some other practice tests were simply too easy. By the time you finish two or three practice tests, you will be able to simply skim over the questions you got correct and buipding should start to notice that you understand more about all of the various sections of the exam.

Impact Categories, the certification process, and selection of a rating system. Read and leeed up to Page You do not need to purchase or study the entire Reference Guide. Make sure you know the various water types. If you are already familiar with LEED, skip down to the preparation sections.

However the Introduction and excerpts are important to study. First, a word of caution: Understand the process for individual projects and campus projects. Get a free blog at WordPress. However, we will wish you luck anyway: These are not included in the USGBC suggested resources, but there are enough questions about these topics on the exam to warrant extra study.

Esition 31 other followers. This guide will revisit some of the concepts you learned about in the references above including: Below are some of the materials and resources which we believe are some of the best materials available in the industry. A must read for all aspirants. Learn and understand all terms under Glossary section.


Green Building Council Free Download The Candidate Handbook tells you everything you need to know about registering for and taking the exam. We want to help as many people as possible because we believe sustainability is critically important to successful ckncepts and architectural careers.

Green Building Council Free Download.

You may benefit from further study materials. It is important to understand the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer; know about all the various refrigerants and their relative hazards; understand which refrigerants are banned vs.

Green Building and LEED Core Concepts Guide PDF Copy

B esides, official study guide, there are few supplementary materials which would help you to know some miscellaneous concepts and ideas, which GBCI would expect you to know as a LEED GA aspirant.

Their tests ask the same types of questions with the same challenge level.

Search Articles in this Blog Search for: Innovation in Design Credit Catalog An excellent guide. Help make archtoolbox better.