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I cannot wait to read more about Julianne and Gabriel and their relationship in book 3. Brilliant, inspiring and interesting plot! Julia on the other hand goes trough a lot before finding her happiness with Gabriel. Gabriel and Julia are not perfect, and they both made various mistakes in this book. And I love him for having writen these gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download.

I have no idea if Mr Reynard is as urbane, intelligent, educated and worldly as Prof Emerson, but he certainly comes across this way in his writing.

Redenzione Italian Edition

View all 39 comments. I came away from this book loving Julia almost as much as Gabriel does. Es una clase de mensaje en el que tenemos que salir adelante tenemos que tener un hombre a nuestro rapturs He is so protective, kind and provides her with endless pleasure.

Jun 14, Z rated it did not like it. Surprisingly, we even get some chapters from Christa’s POV and what her reasonings are. But in choosing Paul, she would be settling for the good and not the exceptional. That gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download of been much better. May 08, Lucia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Gabriel really is a big A-hole, never thought I’d say this but he’s too much of a douche-bag!

There were wayyyy to many religious references and conversations going on and it made me sorta uncomfortable because religion is not something I like to read about.

Ariel Arrow Engine Manual

I’m glad that she “womaned” up and took care of things! In this fabriels Julia annoyed me a bit and in a point, Gabriel started looking to cheesy. Say you’ll be mine. Gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download the reason, I have been mostly disappointed in romances written by men.

Aunque hay un detalle en este proceso de seguir adelante que no me gusto para nada, si lo han adivinado, Paul alguien le puede prender fuego a este chico? Overall, I want to thank you, Mr. In my writing, I combine all of these elements with the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of goodness.

I rolled torment eyes so much during this story I had to take medication for the pain. What surprised me most was the pain that it caused.

Pretentious, mercurial, jaded, brilliant, broken, corrupted, enigmatic, commanding and unforgettable. It made me cry and it made me think a lot about the life. There was absolutely no transitio 3 Stars I feel so conflicted about this book.

I truly recommend this book and others from Sylvain Reynard because he is amazing and has one gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download the best writing styles ever. All in all he was a cold A-hole and she was a Mary Sue heroine taken to the extreme. The love scenes though not steamy, are sensual and romantic.

Reynard, for writing this sequel and letting us share their happiness. It gives us a overview on events that is important for the story, it is refreshing and preferable not to only gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download one persons POV. Reynard skillfully draws a picture of a man again skating along the edge of his own destruction, driven to despair by the loss of a woman who inspired the redemption he believed was always out of reach.

He thinks of everything!

View all 21 comments. A very good book in my opinionand I believe that my review says everything!

Crazy, I tell you. May 08, Morgan rated it really liked it Shelves: In the first book, the ex attacked her in her house and s a bite scare of her neck.

Julia comes out of adversity and heartbreak a smarter, stronger woman. Gabriel’s Rapture Gabriel’s Inferno, 2 4 15 Mar 25, Yet, as I read, I was reminded all that had gabriels rapture redenzione e tormento pdf download in the first book without the author telling us.