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Broadcast live from the Infection Prevention Society conference. Jan Kluytmans, The Netherlands, and Dr.

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Free-Access Recordings Library

Come Hell or High Water: Have We Advanced in the Last 10 Years? The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Spotlight on the Future of HAI: Check the Patient, Not the Clock. David Paterson, University of Queensland, Australia. The CDC Update.

Bacterial Resistance to Microbicides in the Healthcare Environment. Boniface Research Centre, Winnipeg. A Source and Vector of Problematic Microorganisms. Making Infection Control Really Work? Teleclass broadcast sponsored by Meiko www. Sleep Quality in Hospitalized Patients with Infection: Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Fundamentaals Healthcare University. Broadcast live from the Infection Prevention Society conference www.

Keeping the Hand Hygiene Agenda Alive: Majwald Goldmann, Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Are Healthcare Workers Protected? Preventing Infections in Healthcare Workers: Didier Pittet, University of Geneva Hospitals.

Update on Diarrheal Disease from a Global Perspective. Clean Your Hands Every 5 May. Pandemics, Public Health and Emergency Care: VollmanAdvancing Nursing, MIchigan.

Safety in the Fields: Sponsored by virox Technologies Inc www. An Important Part of the Dialysis Prescription. Technology for Monitoring Hand Hygiene in the 21st Century: