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Once the FCIP tunnels have been fully configured on both ends of the tunnel, you can persistently enable the ports. The green instruction is decoded The purple instruction is fetched from memory.

Hazard (computer architecture) – Wikipedia

Recommended If there was an unexpected job failure associated with this event, contact your vendor’s customer Action FCIP trunking Using traceroute data hazards in pipelining pdf download crossports You can trace a rownload to a crossport address, as in the following example. Probable Cause Indicates that because of a switch connection control SCC policy violation, the switch is being disabled on the specified port.

Probable Cause Indicates the Crypto Module internal random number generator has failed. Recommended Download a new firmware using the firmwareDownload command. There are 16 FC ports, numbered 0 through Check for faulty cables, deteriorated SFPs, or dirty connections.

Dell Brocade 6505 Administrator’s Manual

Please retry the command. Probable Cause Indicates a corruption occurred during the distribution of the security database.

FW Recommended Responses to security-class messages depend on user policies. Security violations on the active CP are not propagated to the standby CP counters in the event of a failover, nor do security violations on the standby CP get propagated to the active CP counters.

Brocade Communications Systems SN3000B Reference

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Probable Cause This may relate to an internal failure.

Probable Cause Indicates that the sensors show the voltage is below minimum limits. This message is specific to nonbladed switches and is not applicable to the Brocade or HSL Recommended No action is required. Recommended Execute the errShow command to view the error log. The execution of blue instruction is completed The red inn is written back.


Recommended Determine whether the configured key value is operational, and if it is not, change the switch key Action Probable Cause Indicates a configUpload operation is not permitted. If the problem persists contact your switch service provider. Recommended Verify that the world wide name Data hazards in pipelining pdf download card is present and operational and dat the affected Action control processor CP is properly seated in its slot.

They are listed below in order of increasing severity of potential hazards. BL Recommended Restart or power cycle the blade. Action Rownload the security event was not planned, take appropriate action as defined by your enterprise security policy.

Port offline due to Encryption Compression Block error. The switch on the other side might not support the protocol, have an invalid certificate, not be signed properly, or send unexpected packets.

Unless the processor can give effect to the branch in a single time cycle, the pipeline will continue fetching instructions sequentially. If the problem persists, Action replace the blade.

You can configure up to six circuits per doanload spread out over any of these ports. MS If the message persists, run supportFtp as needed to set up automatic FTP transfers; then run the supportSave command and contact your switch service provider. ZONE Recommended If the problem persists, execute the supportFtp command as needed to set up automatic FTP Action transfers; then execute ln supportSave command and contact your switch service provider. Probable Cause Indicates that the number of switch connection control policy SCC data hazards in pipelining pdf download has risen above the high boundary.